Relative State

by Soda Jerk

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released January 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Relative State Music Montreal, Québec

Indie Record Label

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Track Name: Not Ready Yet
How about a little help
Everyone left, i'm not ready yet
Don't go down the silhouette
your mind has been set
i'm not ready yet
Take him to the place we met
Let's not forget, i'm not ready yet
First things first, baby steps
From right to left, i'm not ready yet

And don't even try to pick me up
I'm not ready yet
So put be back on the shelf
Track Name: Where's The Fun
Take a sip my boy
Would you let it destroy you ?
I'll watch the boats pass by and forget how to cry
For a little while

Where's the fun?

Once i wake up, i'll be stuck within a dream
Stuck within a dream
Get away from me, i know where i want to be
Where no one can see me

Under the ground, that's where i'll go
Track Name: Chasing The Mailman
You're chasing the mailman again
But he's way ahead of you
Just sit down and wait
Let him come for you, let him comfort you

And when you come home crying
Cause i didn't catch you slipping
I'll be there with the mailman
Track Name: I Wish I Could Play The Guitar
Trying my best to stay awake
My head is empty
I can't seem to remember
Any of my dreams

I wanna be the reason why you lose yourself for a while
Track Name: I'm Not
I'd like to say it ain't so
But i'm here for you, not me
There's no need to dress well
When there's no one to impress, but me
Five minutes is a long time
I know that's you inside my head
That's fine
And i'm going to stop
pretending i'm not
Track Name: Empty Stomach
Nothing in my stomach
It's all in my head

Stop messing with the lightswitch
You know how i feel
You're knocking on the door knob
You're Doing it all wrong

Don't know

I'd like to but it couldn't work
That's how it should be
I'll wait for someone else to take your place
Don't worry about me

Don't know
Track Name: Left Behind
Just two kids
Little girls with feelings
Track Name: Weather Song
The Weather is bad, but it's all right
You don't have to go outside, at least for a while

You've got your house full of toys
Full of miracles and i
Know what the weather's like
So you won't have to get dry

At least you're fucking trying
It's good for your brain
At least you're fucking trying
All i do is complain
Track Name: Villa Obscura
The longer i stayed
The greener got the house

Come with me
We'll make blood angels on the ground
Come with me

Tomorrow's wasted
We took it all tonight

Come with me
We'll make blood angels on the ground
Come with me
Track Name: Better Than Everyone Else
I'm better than everyone else
How dare you look at me
I see you laugh, take off your mask
You don't know nothing and you don't even know it

You don't have a clue

I'm better than everyone else
I'm just like everyone