I'm Fine How Are You

by Funky b0ss

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A bunch of Beastie Boys remixes and instrumental tracks.


released November 9, 2014

Vocals/ Lyrics: Beastie Boys
Music: Blank, I Monster



all rights reserved


Relative State Music Montreal, Québec

Indie Record Label

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Track Name: Pass The Mic (Remix)
If you can feel what I’m feeling then it's a musical masterpiece
If you can hear what I’m dealing with then that's cool at least
What's running through my mind comes through in my walk
True feelings are shown from the way that I talk
And this is me y'all, I emcee y'all
My name is MCA and I still do what I please

And now I’d like to introduce what's up?
I'll pass the mic to d for a fist full of truth

The name is D, y'all and I don't play
And I can rock a block party 'til your hair turns grey
So, what you sayin'? I explode on site
I’m like Jimmy Walker I’m Dynomite
And now I’d like to pass the mic
To Adrock c'mon and do anything you like

I’m the A-D-R-O-C-K
In the place with the bass I’m going all the way
I can't stop, y'all, tock tick, y'all
And if you think that you're slick you'll catch a brick, y'all
‘Cause I’mma turn it in and I’mma turn it out
But now I’ve got to pass the mic to Yauch

Well, on and on and on and on
I can't stop, y'all 'til the early morn’
So rock rock , y'all, tick tock, y'all
To the beat, y'all, c'mon and rock, y'all

I give thanks for inspiration, it guides my mind along the way
A lot of people get jealous, they're talking about me
But that's just cause they haven't got a thing to say

Well everybody's rapping like it's a commercial
Actin' like life is a big commercial
So this is what I’ve got to say to you all
Be true to yourself and you will never fall
And now I’d like to pass the mic to A
So what's your name, Yauch?

My name is MCA
I’ve been coming to where I am from the get go
Find that I can groove with the beat when I let go
So put your worries on hold
Get up and groove with the rhythm in your soul
And now I’d like to pass the mic
To my brother Adrock c'mon and shine like a light

Yes, yes, y'all and yes, yes, y'all
I’m always on time never the less, y'all
And that's right y'all, I shed light, y'all
I’ve got no time in my life to get uptight, y'all
So what you gonna’ say that I don't know already?
I’m like Clyde and I’m Rockin' Steady
But time flies when you're having fun
So Mike D? That's me. C'mon and get some

M.I.K.E. to the D
You come and see me and you pay a fee
Do what I do professionally
To tell the truth I am exactly what I want to be
Now Ad-Rock (huh?) and MCA (yeah?)
Let's rock this joint in the old school way

Well I’m on 'til the crack of dawn
Mowing down emcees like I’m mowing a lawn
I go off like nothing can phase me
You think we'll ever meet Stevie? one of these days, D
But I can stand my ground and I am down
To wax an emcee who acts like a clown
But for now, I’d like to ask you how
You like the feel of the bass in your face in the crowd
Track Name: Brrr Stick'em/ The Blue Wrath (Mashup)
Hearers of the tone with the sensitive poem
Transmitted with the voice like a sousaphone
We be beaming these rhymes to the satellite
With the Human Beatbox for the people's delight

I run the three-legged race in a potato sack
I put a whole potato salad right down your back
I get mad respect at the old folk's home
Your mama's grandpapa won't leave me alone

Crank up the bass and redline the game
You're like the Tidy Bowl man spinning down the drain
Cause I'm a cyborg created to emcee
We're gonna change our name to The Disco Three
Update my firmware and I'm good to go
I'm like "Danger, Will Robinson! Danger, Will Robinson!"
Coming down the block and you're like "Oooo!"
Bionic eye with the do-do-do-do-do-do....

I got my gear on like the Ear-ons
The human switchboard and interferons
We Jam On It like Newcleus
I'm known on a roll like Caduceus

Do androids dream of electric sheep?
Well, either way you're going to sow just what you reap
Cause I'm a replicant, not a skin-job
Yo, HAL, open the fuckin' doors to the pod
Smooth like butter, pure like ghee
Let me get up on the mic with the do-re-me
My dog's name is Sam, not Fifi
I'm profilin' a boulangerie

Robotron, Gorf, and Galaga
I got the sexy Dig Dug calendar
Mix Master's scratching like he's got lice
The crabs! Hey yo, that ain't nice!

Like One-Eyed Jacks and Suicide Kings
You want wildness, wild I bring
My Uncle Freddie's making horseradish
To serve you on a platter like gefilte fish
Track Name: Shazam (Remix)
I sneak a chicken tikka
Marsala at a gala event
I represent that's stupid that's for sure
You be like "oh yeah Adam, real mature"
I'd like a lettuce, tomato and Munster on rye
All this cheese is gonna make me cry
Gorgonzola, Provolone
Don't even get me started on this microphone
Blowin' up like my name is Joe Bazooka
I'm a super-dooper MC party pooper
On a track so slick it'll make you feel all queasy
Make you do like Fred Sanford with "I'm comin' Wheezy!" On the court I go by the name Praying Mantis
Got the edge and I've got the advantage
If you could see things from my vantage
Point then you could better understand this
I'm in the lab all day I scrabble all night
I got a bedazzler so my outfit's tight
When it comes to panache I can't be beat
I got the most style from below 14th street
Internationally known as the Keebler Elf
Can't keep a catalog up on the shelf
I splash on beats like sauce on spaghetti
Putting MC's out of business like they're Crazy Eddie
I know you're sitting pretty in the Hampty Hamps
Posing like you're rolling with that camp
In layman's terms let me break it down
You're flipping and flopping just like a flounder
I'm a hip hop scholar while you're left back
So Jeckle and Rush go back to Lefrac
I'm a simple man like Chance Gardner
Working 9 to 5 Dolly Parton
Got rhymes for jerks that's bringing on drama
Which rhyme you want first? The one about your mama?
Goodness gracious golly gee
Shazam! Freeeeeeak out with the genie!
Freak out with the genie....
Track Name: Intergalactic (Remix)
Well now don't you tell me to smile
You stick around I'll make it worth your while
Got numbers beyond what you can dial
Maybe it's because I'm so versatile
Style profile I said
It always brings me back when I hear Ooh Child
From the Hudson River out to the Nile
I run the marathon just up until the very last mile
Well if you battle me I will revile
People always say my style is wild
You've got gall you've got guile guile
To step to me I'm a rapophile
If you want to battle you're in denial
Coming from Uranus to check my style
Go ahead put my rhymes on trial
Cast you off into exile

"Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic"
"Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic"

Jazz and Awol that's our team
Step inside the party disrupt the whole scene
When it comes to beats well I'm a fiend
I like my sugar with coffee and cream
Well I gotta' keep it going keep it going full steam
Too sweet to be sour too nice to be mean
Well on the tough guy style I'm not too keen
To try to change the world I will plot and scheme
Mario C likes to keep it clean clean
Gonna' shine like a sunbeam beam
Keep on rappin' cause that's my dream dream
Got an A from Moe Dee for sticking to themes
Now when it comes to envy y'all is green
Jealous of the rhyme and the rhyme routine tine
Another dimension new galaxy
Intergalactic planetary

"Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic"
"Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic"
"Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic"
"Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic"

source: http://www.lyricsondemand.com/b/beastieboyslyrics/intergalacticlyrics.html
Track Name: Stop That Train (Remix)
It's 4am, I've got the Hasenpfeffer Ale
I've got nothing to lose, so I'm pissing on the third rail
Groggy-eyed and fried, and I'm headed for the station
D-train ride to Coney Island vacation
This one’s… Dedicated to the boofers in the back of the 1-train
They'll be kicking out windows, high on cocaine
And then I jump the turnstyle, I lost my last token
Riding between the cars, pissing, smoking
Head for the last car, fluorescent light blackout
Policeman told my homeboy, yo, put that crack out
You know you light up when the lights go down
And then you read the New York Post, Fulton Street, downtown
Same faces every day, but you don't know their names
Party people going places on the D train

{Stop that train, I wanna get off...}

Check it
Trench coat, wingtip, going to work
And you'll be pullin a train like you're Captain Kirk
Pickpocket gangsters, payin' their debts
I caught a bullet in the lung from Bernhard Goetz
Overworked and underpaid, starin at the floor
Prostitutes spandex caught in the slide doors
Now stuck between the stations it seems like an eternity
Sweating like sardines in a flophouse fraternity
$50.00 fine for disturbing the peace
The neck, tortoise, your Lees are creased
Hot cup of coffee and the donuts are Dunkin
Friday night and Jamaica Queens funkin
Elevated platform, I'm never gonna conform
Riding over the diner where I always get my toast warm
Bust into the conductor's booth and busted out rhymes
Over the loudspeaker about the hard times
Sat across from a man readin El Diario
Riding the train down from the El Barrio
Went from the station, to Orange Julius
I bought a hot dog - from WHO? George Drakoulias

Samples include:

“Draw Your Brakes“ by Scotty, from the album, Draw Your Brakes (1972)